Nonviolent Communication Tactics to Follow at Work

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Nonviolent Communication Tactics to Follow at Work


Every employee’s use or abuse of words can make or break a company. Although there won’t ever be a conflict-free work environment, major problems can be avoided if only company members adopt nonviolent communication tactics while dealing with each other. According to the creator of the nonviolent communication (NVC) concept Marshal Rosenberg, we all have a tendency to use harmful language, but NVC tries to let every person get what he/she needs without the utilization of a manipulative language.

Based on the criticalness of word choice in the workplace, this seminar aims at shedding light on nonviolent communication, its aspects, tools, and all other details, the different ways to express ourselves, everything you want to know about mediation, negotiation and the language that should be adopted, how to approach a conflict, a how to reach a win-win situation.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Define nonviolent communication
  • Understand the four factors of NVC
  • Recognize the importance of identifying needs to deal with conflicts
  • Master the skills of active listening
  • Discover the tools to communicate without violence
  • Identify the four steps of mediation
  • Learn about the role and communication tools of a mediator

Class Hosting

  • This seminar will be hosted on Zoom
  • Your individual link will be emailed to you after you register
  • Missed a part of it? Don’t worry. The recording will be made available for 48 hours so you can re-watch in your own time.
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