Filter Your Entourage to Live Better

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Filter Your Entourage to Live Better


“We see what we want to see from the windows we choose to sit in front of” (Alison Male)

But what if some of these windows were the people in our lives? Really, think of all the people in your life… Are all of them good for your mental health? Are they making you see, feel, or experience something beautiful?

If your answer is “no”, then it’s time to filter out these individuals to live better.

In this workshop, you will jot down the names (or fake names!) of the people you surround yourself with. Then, you will assess the impact each has on your life. You will also define yourself, your needs, what does your entourage offers you, and what you give in return. You’ll have the chance to identify the toxic relationships too, and we will definitely guide you to filter all unwanted people out of your life.

Come on, prepare your ‘people filter’ and register now!

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the people surrounding you
  • Evaluate the impact they have on your life
  • Get to know who you are
  • Define your needs from your entourage
  • Define what your entourage needs from you
  • Compare what you give to what you take
  • Find out if there is toxic people around you
  • Identify ways to filter your entourage
  • Decide on new habits to surround yourself with the people who are good for you and your mental health
  • Think of people you need to reconnect with
  • Lead a better, positive life

Class Hosting

  • This workshop will be hosted on Zoom
  • Your individual link will be emailed to you after you register
  • Missed a part of it? Don’t worry. The recording will be made available for 48 hours so you can re-watch in your own time.
  • Due to limited seating in each class, all tickets purchases are final.

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